Confidence & Motivation

Confidence, defined as the feeling or belief that we can rely on someone or something, can play a major role in determining the opportunities we take and the successes we achieve. Having confidence in people and things is certainly important, particularly from a social aspect, but having confidence in oneself is just as, if not more, important. Everybody has doubts and worries from time to time but the trick I being able to tap into confidence when you need it. Confident people inspire confidence in others and gaining the confidence of others is one of the keys to success. Hypnotherapy can be helpful here to boost confidence at a subconscious level.

Motivation can be intrinsic (when you engage in something because you enjoy it) or extrinsic (when you're engaging in something out of obligation, to avoid punishment or for somebody else). Extrinsic motivation may help you t get started but it is intrinsic motivation that keeps you going. One key to increasing motivation is having clear goals. There is a complex relationship between how meaningful a reward is and the amount of effort required to achieve it. You'll only put in the work  if your goal is truly important to you. Strategic psychotherapy can help here in assisting to define your goals and find manageable, linear steps to get there.