Subconscious Solutions I highly recommend! This therapy helped me overcome my fears associated with open water. Through the training, I was shown hòw to develop a safe anchor, which I use whenever I feel the anxiety. I was put immediately at ease and it was a safe and calm environment, providing an excellent service! *****


I have suffered from insomnia for many years and nothing to date has been effective in treating the condition. Julia however was highly effective in treating my sleep problems and were I a resident of the same country as her I would consult with her on a regular basis.


I contacted Julia when I was finding it extremely difficult to deal with the fact that my mother had Alzheimers and could no longer recognise even her own children. I did not expect a miracle, I just wanted to be able to spend time with my mum without falling to pieces every time I saw her. I'm not exactly sure of how the process worked even to this day, but after the hypnotherapy session with Julia the effect was immediate. I was able to spend long periods of time with my mother - without the tears and feelings of helplessness that come with dealing with a loved one who has Alzheimers. The hypnotherapy allowed me to cope and to be with my Mum without distress. And now I remember her how she was, before her memory was stolen, and I have been able to accept her loss. Thank you Julia.